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Trout Fit was jotted down on the stones of history in 2015 by Trout Fit in Sialkot, Pakistan. In March 2015, Trout Fit made its debut as Fitness and Gym Wear Manufacturers. Tanktops and Workout hoodies signaled the beginning of production, followed by models for the complete range of Gym Clothing.

Workout accessories was the company’s next venture. In 2015 and 2016 Trout Fit focused only to the European Market and successfully collaborate with 35 different Gymwear brands, Entrepreneurs and Athletes as their official production partners. In the spam of these two years the corporate strategy of the company was concentrated on Gym clothing and Accessories. In January 2017 Company moved onto broaden its business base and participated in few European Fitness Exhibitions. In February 2017 Trout Fit established the European head office and warehouse in the city of Germany, Kassel.

In 2017 the exports of Trout Fit grew rapidly and company planned to expand worldwide.

In 2018 Trout Fit will be participating in trade shows worldwide and planning to collaborate with some new brands in Australian and American markets.